Fresh Start Ministries of Tampa Bay, Inc. is a non-profit corporation (501 c3), that provides spirit

Fresh Start Ministries of Tampa, Inc. founded Beyond the Gates Prison Ministry to assist the men and women incarcerated who have the desire to change their lives. It is Fresh Start's firm belief that even the most hardened criminals and offenders can be touched and changed forever by power and love of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. They equip them with the necessary tools and skills to be productive members of society upon their release. Fresh Start' primary outreach is with Hernando Correctional Institution for Women's Faith Based Program (Hernando Correctional Institution or HCI). They have taught many mandatory and elective classes, mentored countless of women, held worship services and revivals, participated in various special events and have organized numerous hygiene gift bag donations. They are key contributors to the Faith & Character Residential Program at HCI.


We have an immediate need for partners in order to bring to fruition Victory House and to expand Beyond the Gates Prison Ministry. Please help make Fresh Start Ministries of Tampa, Inc. the difference in our community. Through our collective efforts, we can continue to be successful in helping individuals, families and communities with a stronger impact to change people's lives. If you are interested in partnering with Fresh Start Ministries of Tampa, Inc., please contact us.

(813) 786-1686

In 2019, Fresh Start Ministries was awarded the Advocacy Award by the Tampa Bay Underground Network. Here's a quick video explanation of what we are about.